Rare, valuable, yet endangered by unnecessary human activity and decisions.

Figure 1. Scenic photo of a variety of Scleractinian coral reefs (Pexels: Francesco Ungaro).

We are all aware that coral reefs are being threatened from our choices and is resulting in coral bleaching. This is concerning because reefs contain incredible biodiversity and provide food and shelter for sea creatures that we then consume. But what if there was substantially more coral reefs undertake in which the majority of the public are not aware of? Could being more knowledgeable about the significance of reefs provide a great deal of the solution for saving them? But then why should we ALL be worried to begin with if just over 40% of society live in the tropics…

Why does this insect even exist and could we survive without it?

Mosquito (also known as Blood Fever) is a 1995 American science-fiction horror film directed by Gary Jones (GIF: GIPHY.com).

These tiny, flying, bloodsucking insects 🦟 earned their bad reputation because their bites cause irritation and itchiness, they can spread diseases such as malaria and the plague, and can live inside your home 🏠 without you even knowing for days! With all these negative impacts of mosquitoes, I bet many people often wonder if there are any positive impacts that they have on the Earth. At least I do!

What are mosquitoes?

The word “mosquito” is Spanish for “little fly” and the life cycle of them consists of egg, larva, pupa, and adult stages. Mosquitoes are outnumbered only by termites and ants 🐜…

It must be beyond the fact of an existing abundant population.

San Francisco Skyscrapers

I know it’s not just me who is presumably thinking about the topic of housing prices. I mean in 2016, an estimated 54.5% of the world’s population lived in urban areas. That’s a lot of possible people who’s minds could have wandered into this topic.

It’s been in my mind unceasingly, and I just honestly want to know whyyyyyyyyyy the prices are increasinggggggg?!

My first thought was that it’s because of the rise in population. It seemed correct for a split second. Then, I realized that it’s not quite…

“Life is short, science is long”— Lucian

Varying amounts of money in stacks

A few days ago, my friend and I where asking each other what we wanted to be when we’re older? I said I wanted to be a Materials Science Engineer and then instantly she said “Don’t scientists get paid very little?”. This scenario has happened to me more than once when I talked with a friend. Some people may say scientists are underpaid, over-paid, or have absolutely no idea. Now I guess, let’s try and find out.

Let’s say someone wants to be a Materials Science Engineer (me), I would go through elementary…

Life is very unpredictable but not ageing. You can’t run from it. Or can you?

People crossing a busy street

“Life is so unpredictable. Be grateful for every moment.”

This quote has been stuck in my mind for so long and it ain’t leaving because I love that its just THE TRUTH. All of us can relate to it. You think today is going well and then something out of nowhere just makes it even better or the worst day ever, this is the same each day, week, month, year, etc. We have to enjoy our present moment and not always worry about what could…

“We’ve had 30 years of pep-talking and selling positive ideas. And I’m sorry but it doesn’t work.” — Greta Thunberg

Global Rising water levels

Here we are in the middle of a climate change crisis with countless governments continuing to make unclear statements explaining that they will do this and that to help with the changing climate (constantly effecting us) with dates like 2050 or even 2030. That’s just bullshit! (mainly).

I’ve constantly been having questions running around my mind about environmental statements, laws, and things like that for a few weeks now. It included: Why are there so few environmental-related laws? Why do…

What’s happening to all the low income families being left behind?

Little Haiti

Welcome to the age of Climate Gentrification

We all know that climate change is happening and it’s affecting us in a number of ways. We’re getting more extreme weather, rising sea levels, longer and more severe wildfires, further destructive hurricanes, more human health problems, and substantially more. That’s already a lot of problems with needed solutions, but what’s never on these lists, is Climate Gentrification. Definitely add it, because it’s continuously occurring all around us, but many of us don’t notice it. …

When did the term “cookie-cutter” home begin, and is it’s interest dwindling?

Image of Tract housing in United States

“There are a lot of questions about whether architecture is art. The people who ask that think pretty tract houses are architecture. But that doesn’t hold up” — Frank Gehry

In this article, I will talk about what cookie-cutter/tract housing is, how it began, that it’s interest is declining, and so much more. I absolutely think, at least in my opinion, many of the newer homes being built (especially in suburbs) are identical, but I’ve always wondered why?

Why is it that generally, as you go more South in the world, it becomes more poor and less developed?

World map

Let’s look at some examples and comparisons

  • In Africa, there are 33 countries classified as being least developed countries, and its where the per capita wealth is under $1000 or under $3 a day
  • In Asia (more North than Africa), there are 9 countries classified as least developed countries
  • The top 10 most developed countries (approximately), are as follows: Norway, Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands, United States of America, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, and Denmark
  • When looking at the top 10 list, most are northern countries with the…

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